Believe you can!


Work with young people

Steve worked with a range of pupils over a series of several workshops. Using his experience, wide range of anecdotes and good sense of humour he built rapport and developed pupils’ confidence, self -belief and resilience. He then helped pupils to channel these attributes into their learning and wider life. It was fabulous to watch pupils grow into confident individuals with focused goals.”
Shaun Clarke – Headteacher of Ysgol Cwm Brombil

“Having worked with Steve on many different occasions I would have no hesitation in recommending his work as a coach, personal development trainer and advisor. Steve has the ability to really understand youngsters and adults and quickly identifies peoples situations, what is needed and areas in which he can help. It takes a very special person to be able to work in these areas especially with the youth of today and the various working environments everyone faces. Steve is definitely that person with an ability to make everyone feel special and has a great talent at helping others to find and reach their true potential. I would highly recommend Steve for all this type of work.”
Linda Narbeth – Mentor/Coach/Adviser at Bluerock ED

Coaching and mentoring

“Steve very kindly took me through a process to remove my phobia of wasps.  Before I did this my phobia was really restricting me, I couldn’t eat outside in the summer months, I was permanently looking for wasps to “be prepared” instead of enjoying time with my family and friends, and if a wasp approached me I would shake, sweat and cry and be unable to function.  In fact on numerous occasions I have injured myself in my attempts to escape the wasp.  It’s fair to say my phobia was pretty severe and I’d suffered since childhood.  The process itself was enjoyable – there was no exposure therapy going on!  I didn’t need to “work through” the phobia by conjuring up lots of frightening experiences.  In fact towards the end of the process I was starting to get the giggles (you’ll understand if you go through it). In just 20 or so minutes Steve completely changed my life for the better.  This summer I have been able to eat outdoors with wasps around, I have even helped a few escape out of the kitchen window when they have been stuck indoors. I am completely relaxed around them and all the fear is gone. On a personal note, Steve is lovely to work with – he has a very assured and calming approach which really built my confidence and made me feel safe through the process. If you have a phobia, please don’t continue to suffer – Steve can really help you and it’s an easy and fun process to go through. Thank you Steve, you are amazing!”
Ali King

“I feel so grateful to have found Steve and his outstanding transformational coaching skills. Steve is the calm in the storm and his approachable and friendly manner put me totally at ease at our sessions. Steve identified and broke through a number of issues I was having both professionally and personally and the changes I have experienced as a result of working with him have been truly transformational. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.”
DC – Business Owner

“I attended coaching with Steve and he was able to help me reflect on what I wanted to achieve and how I could take confidence in my own ability to do this. Steve was able to listen and pick up on things that I hadn’t realised myself and his caring manner made me feel very at ease. In a very short space of time I felt much more capable and I regained lost confidence which led to great prospects that I’m still benefiting from. I’ll never forget the help he gave me at a time I needed it the most. I highly recommend him to anyone considering coaching.”
PW – Senior Manager, Local Authority

“Steve was a fantastic coach, my confidence was rock bottom after applying and being interviewed for several jobs with no success. He gave me the opportunity to explore what I really wanted from my career and supported me to adjust my mindset when applying for jobs making something I perceived as negative to something positive. With his support I managed to secure my dream job. I can’t thank Steve enough for his support.”
KW –  Health Care Professional